Frozen North Shawl Pattern


A hand knitting textured shawl pattern

I have written this shawl pattern specifically for the gorgeous yarn that was produced for our 2023 Yorkshire Yarn Advent Calendar. The pattern could be used for alternative yarn sets or oddments of yarn left over from other projects.

It is broken down into twelve parts as there were 12 different colours. It is not a deep shawl and the shaping is quite simple.

There are written instructions and charts as well and I have kept the techniques involved straightforward and easy to follow even if they are new to you. There are 12 pdf’s to download as there are a lot of instructions.

If you don’t have mini skeins you could choose to knit the shawl using three full size 100g skeins. This is how I knitted my initial sample. I wound the skeins into 20g balls and then worked them as colours one to three, repeating the sequence of colours so that colour four was the same as colour one, colour five the same as two and colour six as three and so on.

You will need:

    • 75mm knitting needles
    • 12 x 20g mini skeins Yorkshire Yarn Advent (standard sock yarn)

    Or I used

    • Araucania Yarns Ranco 2 x 100g
    • The Grey Sheep Co British Stein fine wool 4ply 100g


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