Modular and Entrelac Knitting

Both Modular and Entrelac Knitting give the effect of a knitted patchwork.

Modular knitting involves making individual units and joining them together by picking up stitches along one edge of another unit.

Entrelac knitting creates lots of blocks looking like interwoven diamonds which are joined together as you knit. These techniques once mastered produce finished items which will astound all your friends (knitters or non-knitters).

You need to be able to do both knit and purl stitch confidently to fully enjoy this workshop.

One word of warning – this can become addictive!!

During the workshop we will explore knitting simple modules and joining them together and we will practise the techniques needed for Entrelac knitting.

You can then choose to knit one of 3 cowls I have designed using either modular or entrelac knitting.

You will receive a kit (choice of colourways) containing enough West Yorkshire Spinners sock yarn to make one cowl, and the 3 patterns.

You will need 3.25mm (plus 3mm needle for edging) needles for the cowl and a selection of needles to use on the practise pieces (3.25, 3.5, 4, 4.5 & 5 would be a good selection to bring along)

click one of the links below and contact the venue if you would like to book a place on this workshop

18th September 2022 at Just Makers, Ripley

24th September 2022 at Knitting Pretty, Knaresborough