Modular or Entrelac Cowl


A hand knitting scarf pattern

I have designed a set of 3 cowls using the Modular and Entrelac Knitting techniques, both of which give the effect of a knitted patchwork.

Modular knitting involves making individual units and joining them together by picking up stitches along one edge of another unit.

Entrelac knitting creates lots of blocks looking like interwoven diamonds which are joined together as you knit. These techniques once mastered produce finished items which will astound all your friends (knitters or non-knitters).

You need to be able to do both knit and purl stitch confidently to fully enjoy creating these cowls.

You can choose to knit one of 3 cowls I have designed using either modular or entrelac knitting.

You will need 3.25mm (plus 3mm needle for edging) needles for the cowl and I have used West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4ply sock yarn (75%wool 25%nylon, 400m/437yds 100gballs)

You will need 3 balls of each colour (but you will have enough yarn to make more than one cowl) either choose your own colour combinations or use the ones suggested on the pattern

For the Modular Shell cowl I used shades 510(Cayenne Pepper), 861(Bullfinch) & 600(Poppy Seed)

For the Modular Square cowl I used shades 365(Blueberry BonBon), 818(Blue Tit) & 240(Butterscotch)

For the Entrelac cowl I used shades 864(Wood Pigeon), 600(Poppy Seed) & 735(Blackcurrant Bomb)

Please note that if you are buying the same yarns that I have used then it is more economical to buy the kit at £22 rather than buying the yarns and patterns separately.



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