September 2022 KAL Week Two

Squares six to twelve.

Hi everyone.

Hope you’re enjoying this so far.

This week there’s slightly less to take in so you should start to get into the swing of things.

Square Seven and Eight are lace squares and the rest of the blanket is made using repeats of the various squares. This will be a brilliant way of trying some lace stitches if you haven’t done that before.

First of all I will show you how to pick up the stitches. Note that the stitch count is different for this square.

Square Seven pick up stitches.

Once all your stitches are picked up work row one. I am showing you each of the first few rows mainly for the benefit of anybody who is unfamiliar with lace knitting.

Lace Square row one.

Now for row two where you will see how I work the yarn overs when I am purling.

Lace Square row two.

This video of me working row three shows you what to do with the yarn overs that you created in row two.

Lace Square row three.

In row four you are creating yarn overs again but this time I make them in a different way.

Lace Square row four.

Now on to row five where you will need to work the yarn overs that you created in row four.

Lace Square row five.

The final video for this square runs through things that you need to pay attention to when completing the remainder of this square.

Lace Square rows 6, 8 & 20

From now on all lace squares are knitted in the same way as Square Seven.

Here’s a little chat about making sure that you know where to place each square and a run through of eight, nine and ten.

Square eight, nine and ten.

The instructions explain that, for Square Ten, you need to use Arctic White as the MC and Stormy Grey as the CC and simply follow the instructions given for Square Two. Square Eleven is lace in Hazel & Lime and Square Twelve is lace in Hazel and Pear so you can use the instructions given for Square Seven when knitting both of those.

Square 10, 11 &12.

Hope you’ve enjoyed Week Two. See you again next week 🙂