September 2022 KAL Week One

Squares one to six.

This blanket is going to be knitted modularly, one 14cm square at a time. There will be no sewing up as you will join each new square to ones you have knitted previously by picking up stitches before you knit it. I am providing videos and instructions for you so anything that I think you may need demonstrating should be here but if I’ve missed anything out let me know I can add it in for you.

I hope you enjoy making project this as much as I enjoyed creating it for you.

There will be quite a lot of information to take in this week and I don’t want you to be put off by that because it won’t be like this every week. This week is about making the squares and trying out the different variations that I’ve come up with, practising making the squares using two colours and seeing how to join them together. The next few weeks will be all about playing around with the different elements to create the full picture so I am not going to be bombarding you with quite so many new things all the time 🙂

You will need the pdf for Week One, some 4mm knitting needles and the Silver Grey yarn (shade A) to make the first square which will become the foundation of the whole blanket.

Watch this video, I will go through the first row with you.

Showing Row 1 with p2togtbl and p2tog

And here is row 2 explained.

Row 2 k2tog and sl1, k1, psso

When you have knitted a few of the rows, you may be concerned that something looks a little strange and asking yourself if you’ve done something wrong. Here I am to reassure you and show you what your knitting should look like. Then, when you’ve completed the knitting of the square I will show you how to finish it off.

7 rows knitted then finishing off on final rows

I am blocking as I go along for this project. Blocking is a step that is often ignored but is an important finishing technique that rewards having time devoted to it.

Blocking Square One

Now that you have finished your first square you are ready to make the next one and the first step is to create your stitches and join the two squares together.

The next video will show you how to pick up the stitches from the side of Square One. You will need Stormy Grey (shade B) for the main colour and Silver Grey (shade A) will be your contrast colour for this square.

I think that the following video will be useful to watch even if you are very experienced as it shows you exactly where I pick up the stitches to make the squares all fit nicely together.

Getting started with Square Two

Here’s how to work row 1, moving on to row 2.

Next, follow me showing you how I knit the second half of row 2.

I have given a hint in the pattern pdf about when to twist the yarns at the colour changes. The following videos are demonstrating how I follow the little rule that I came up with as the neatest way of creating these two colour squares.

Square 2 Row 3

I’m showing you all of this in detail right now and then you can just apply the principle to the rest of the blanket. Refer back to these videos if you’re not sure in a few weeks time.

Square 2 showing rows 4, 5 and 6

That’s Square Two almost finished. Just needs a little block and then, you’ll never guess, I’m going to show you how to work Square number Three!! You will need the same colours for Square Three as used in Square Two.

Square number Three

The next Square is obviously going to be number Four and this is typical of the majority of squares in this project because there are no stitches being cast on, they are all picked up from squares that you have already knitted. Watch how I do this.

Use Hazel Brown (shade C) and Lime Green (shade D) for this. Cast on and row 1 in brown then 2 rows in lime and work the rest of the square in 2 row stripes.

Square number Four

The last two squares for this week are going to be along the bottom edge of the blanket. Begin with Square Five all in Reverse Stocking Stitch using Arctic White (shade E) as main colour and Stormy Grey (shade B) as a contrast colour adding stripes to triangle a.

Square Five Reverse Stocking Stitch

And now you need to knit Square Six using the instructions for Square Three.

That’s all for now. The instructions for the next six squares will arrive on 8th Septmeber.