September 2022 KAL Week Three

Squares thirteen to eighteen

Hello again.

I think you should be getting used to these little square by now so here’s relaxing set of squares that do the same thing.

Beginning with the penultimate bottom row square number 13.

The main colour is Stormy Grey, the contrast colour is Silver Grey and I have added full instructions to the pdf, rather than having to go back to looking at Square Six as I am implying in the video.

Square Thirteen

Now we move on to Square Fourteen and Fifteen. The last square of the bottom row is the same as the very first square and then there’s another lace square, number Fifteen in Hazel Brown and Pear Green.

Square 14 & 15

Next I’m going to show you how to make the squares at the right hand edge of the blanket line up in a straight line.

Square Sixteen

Finish off this week by working the first two squares of the third row. Seventeen is similar to five but I have provided full instructions and Eighteen is the same as Seven.

Here is a little video giving you some tips on sewing in the ends for this project.