September 2022 KAL Week Four

Squares nineteen to twenty-four

Hello knit-alongers. I’m happy to have you here with me for week number four of this kal.

This week is all about getting to the centre of the blanket and I am going to get you to make some squares using three colours to make things a bit interesting.

For starters though it’s a left hand edge square in two colours just like we’ve done before. You will need Silver Grey and Arctic White for Square Nineteen.

Moving along to Square Twenty using Bottle Green as the main colour with Hazel Brown as the contrast colour, make a Lace Square.

The following three squares are going to be done using three colours so might need a bit of extra concentration but nothing you can’t handle at this stage of the project.

I have created a longer video with quite a bit of detail for you as this is the first time that we have done squares in 3 colours. This time you will need Bottle Green for the main colour with Pear and Lime Green as the contrast colours.

Square Twenty-two is another 3 colour square in reverse stocking stitch this time. Bottle Green, Citrus Yellow and Pear Green are your colours for this.

The next square uses the same colours again and creates a mirror image of the previous one. After that is a Stocking Stitch square in two row stripes using the Citrus Yellow and Crimson Red.