September 2022 KAL Week Seven

Squares thirty-seven to forty-one

Welcome to the second half of this Feels Like Autumn blanket.

Just five squares for you this week as I’m going to show you how to embroider the rose onto Square Thirty-eight which will take some time.

To begin with I present to you Square number Thirty-seven. Lime & Pear Green with Citrus Yellow in reverse stocking stitch.

Square Thirty-seven

Moving on to Square Thirty-eight in Citrus Yellow and Crimson Red. This will form the background for the Autumn Rose design inspired by a beautiful red rose that I spotted one October morning. The sight of it totally lifted my mood on a very wet day.

Square Thirty-eight

More about that later!

Thirty-nine in all the greens.


Briefly introducing to you Squares forty and forty-one

forty and forty-one

There is now a lengthy video telling you how to Swiss Darn the rose onto Square Thirty-eight.

You can watch it all if this is a new technique and see me do every single stitch or just skip through the bits you need if you’re confident to do this by yourself.

swiss darning a rose

I think that’s enough from me now until next week.