September 2022 KAL Week Six

Squares thirty-one to thirty-six

Hello there everyone here we are on week five of the KAL. This weeks squares are three lace squares and three squares at the edges of the blanket as shown in the picture provided. This information is all in the pdf but if I show you as well it hopefully just gives you confidence that you are getting those things correct.

Kicking off this week with a lace square number thirty-one in Hazel Brown and Bottle Green and then, next door to it, the final square on the fourth row in Silver Grey and Arctic White.

Squares 31 & 32

Now a very quick look at Square Thirty-three which is located on the left hand edge of the blanket.


Moving on with a very quick look at Thirty Four.

Square Thirty-four

Finally from me this week I give you a little look at Square Thirty-five in Arctic White and Stormy Grey and Thirty-six in Lime Green and Hazel Brown.

Next week I will be back with five more squares and a little bit of embroidery.