September 2022 KAL Week Eight

Squares forty-two to forty-seven

Here we are again and I am just quickly chatting through the squares for this week in the videos that I have prepared for you. I haven’t gone into very much detail because nothing is new and you don’t need to listen to me talking about the same old thing!

First off though I am just looking ahead to next week as there are some things that you might need to get hold of if you want to make the sunflower embellishment at this stage. Just watch this and then you will see what I mean.

getting ready for the next set of instructions

As for this week, as I’ve said it’s just a bit of lovely knitting.

square 42
43 and 44
45, 46, 47

A bit of a quick whip through it all but I’m sure you must know what to do by now. Just make sure that you get the right colours in the right place.