September 2022 KAL Week Nine

Squares forty-eight to fifty-two and a sunflower

Start off this week with Square forty-eight.

Square 48

That’s two thirds of the blanket completed. I was so excited that I blocked my blanket but you don’t have to do it yet if you’d rather wait. Might be worth looking at the video anyway in case you pick up some tips!

when in doubt block it!!

Knit four more squares. You know what you’re doing by now 🙂

Squares 49 to 52

At the end of that last video you might notice that the I made an error on Square 43 when I knitted this blanket. The instructions for the square are correct and you can see how it should have been in the video before that where I am showing you how to block it so I hope that it does not cause confusion.

Now for something completely different. I love making sunflowers like this. You have written instructions and you have me giving you detailed guidance so I do hope you get the joy of it.

How to grow a woven sunflower.

That’s all for now folks.