Christmas Eve Blanket Knit-a-Long


A hand knitting Christmas blanket pattern with video tutorials

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Join like-minded knitters in my special knit-a-long for 2020 and make yourself a sumptuous blanket to snuggle under on Christmas Eve.

I’ve designed lots of different squares with an even mix of colourful Fair Isle squares and plain coloured, textured stitch squares. These 20 squares will all be joined together to form your blanket.

Knitters will be able to knit the blanket as I have done, or pick and choose which of the squares they like or feel confident to knit. Maybe you never tried cable knitting and want to give it a go? you could just knit all the squares that use cable stitches and do each one several times.

Because certain techniques might be unfamiliar to some people there will be videos to accompany each pattern where I will talk you through each step to achieving your finished blanket.

How will it work?

  • purchase the pattern/video package here, OR order a kit
  • a welcome email will be sent to you by me
  • I will send you a pdf of the pattern for the first square on 15-8-2020
  • with the pdf you get a code to access a web page with video tutorials relating to that square
  • you will receive a new pattern plus tutorial every 6 days until 13-12-2020
  • everyone will be invited to join a private Facebook group to share progress and ask advice

If you have bought a kit from my friends at Knitting Pretty or Ewe and Yarn, you will have been given a discount code.

Use the discount code at the checkout to join the knit-a-long and receive my emails.

If you are buying the pattern/video package only, you will need the following quantities of yarn in West Yorkshire Spinners ColourLab or equivalent DK

  • shade A 895 Moonlight Grey 3 x 100g
  • shade B 137 Silver Grey 3 x 100g
  • shade C 373 Stormy Grey 2 x 100g
  • shade D 556 Crimson Red 1 x 100g
  • shade E 011 Arctic White 3 x 100g


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