The Shop Shifters: Making Sewing Space

If you have visited Needlecase either online or in Tadcaster, you’ll know that we stock an extensive range of wools, knitting patterns, buttons, ribbons, sewing supplies, gifts items and make it yourself packs to name but a few things, and as you can imagine, that takes up rather a large amount of space. So here is how Needlecase was looking pre-bank May Day holiday weekend:


Moving in to 2013, we decided it was time to have a store rearrangement to freshen things up, but more importantly to make room for a new range of sewing fabrics suitable for making small sewing projects. This is because, on top of stocking fabrics and increasing our range of sewing materials and supplies, we are also looking to take our classes and workshops one step further!

As you may already know, here at Needlecase we are as much about providing physical sewing and knitting materials as also providing sewing and knitting classes, advice and know how. Currently we run a regular knitting circle and various workshops, the dates of which you can find out here. However, in 2013, as part of our in-store refurbishment and refresh we are making some space available so we can expand our classes from knitting and hand sewing techniques, to machine sewing techniques too.

So during the last bank holiday weekend, we took the first steps towards being able to provide those sewing classes and stocking new fabrics…

First we cleared out the shop and make some room for extra stock and display shelves:


The-Shop-Shifters.003Then we moved our till so it’s beside the window and nearer the door when you first come in:


And then we put up a new backdrop for a new window display (keep your eye out for that if your about in Tadcaster and pop in to see the changes we are making):


Then, we bought some new shelves and bookcases to fill the space where the till once was and then set to work arranging our wool and yarn patterns and other haberdashery items onto the new shelves (once we’d built them of course):



We also used some extra shelving to separate the store in to two distinct sections, one for knitting supplies and the other for sewing supplies to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for when you visit us in-store:



So that’s where we are so far, make sure you keep an eye out on our website for the latest updates to our sewing and knitting courses so you can be one of the first to come and see our newly refreshed store and try our newly equipped sewing and knitting work room!

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