Square Number Three – Moss Stitch

Hello again.

This is a simple Moss Stitch square. Enjoy!!

The video jumps from 60 plus rows worked to 102 rows so I hope it’s not too confusing.

Joining squares will come with Square Number Four.

I have been asked this week about sewing in ends so I thought it was worth making a quick video for you.

I hope that it helps.

Now you need to start thinking about blocking your squares so that we can look at joining them together.

Before we do that I just wanted to go over the equipment that you may or may not need to do it.

Now here are 2 videos showing how to block your squares.

Sorry it’s rocking about a bit 🙂

We are all on a learning curve to some degree with this project, and the main area I am learning about is the making of videos which I have never done before (I’m sure you can tell!!)

If you have a yarn with some man made fibres in it is better to use the wet blocking method.

Next square, and instructions on how I joined my squares together, will be with you 2nd September 2020.