Square Number Four – Birds in Heart

Now we are going to make the last square for the bottom row of the blanket .

In this video I am demonstrating some of the colourwork techniques again plus talking a bit about hearts and birds.

A lot of this next video is just me knitting but I have included it in case you need to see more about how I weave in the yarn across the back.

I was watching some videos online at the same time so there is some strange talking in the background just ignore is all I can say 🙂

There’s alot of video to watch this week so you may wish to do it in a couple of sessions rather than all in one go 🙂

Now I am going to show you the method I used to join the squares.

I am using a knitting needle for this and there is a lovely film from Sharon showing you how she does it using a crochet hook.

As I say in the film you are encouraged to do it now and use whatever method you prefer.

Sorry for the bit where I get a bit bossy!!

I only use steam on natural fibres because I have had a disaster in the past with acrylic and steam!

Now you’ve seen me joining my squares you get to see how Sharon does it.

I tried using a crochet hook and couldn’t get along with it, then I watched Sharon doing it and realised where I was going wrong!!

I am definitely trying it with my current blanket.

Watch out for Square Number Five arriving on 8th September 2020.