Playing with colour

Last week I was lucky enough to be in Scotland with my family.

I have to admit that when it was planned that we should spend Easter in Scotland to celebrate my in-laws Golden Wedding Anniversary I was a little apprehensive, fearing that we would get snowed in at the very least!

As it turned out, we had the most gloriously sunny days and some fantastic walking in the beautiful countryside. We saw all sorts of wildlife and spring was definitely springing.

On the last day of our holiday we decided to take one last walk in the hillsides around Loch Tay. On the way up what was a short but very steep climb, I took several opportunities to look at the view as I needed an excuse for a rest! As we were returning to the valley I started noticing what was closer by and became slightly obsessed by all the variety of colours and textures of lichen on the rocks. I began photographing all the different ones I could see and once I’d started found it hard to stop.

I often like to play a little game when I’m on my own in the shop, trying out different colour combinations and seeing how many different ones I can come up with. This morning I’ve been looking through my holiday pictures and using them to create colour schemes with some of our yarns.

First of all I looked at this picture of part of a drystone wall and immediately went for these 3 balls of Sirdar cotton 4ply.

This picture made me think of this laceweight combinations of Sublime and Sirdar Hush. Maybe it could be used to make a fancy shawl or flowing jacket. Then I went to the Snuggly DK shelf and picked out 4 colours, wouldn’t they make a fabulous modern baby blanket.

These Countrystyle DK yarns seemed ideal for this fabulously speckled sample. I’m thinking moss stitch stripes would look great in these colours.

This little patch on this rock is amazing. I have no idea what it is but really wanted to find some yarn to match with it. I love the spicey colours of these West Yorkshire Spinners DK’s which are 75% british wool but we don’t have a creamy colour like the one on the rock. I found a slightly off-white Countrystyle but it’s a bit too pink really.

I could have played around all day looking for colours to go with this fabulous sample. First of all I grabbed some balls of Hayfield Fiesta and Baby Sparkle which are quite bright but they look scrummy together. I made my way to the Sublime baby cashmere shelves as there were some softer colours which match the original a bit better and took some pictures which remind me of ice cream. Then I spotted some Calico DK, the orange shade is just right don’t you think?

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little game. Here’s my favourite photo from the day.


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