Our Knitting and Sewing Shop Window

As those of you have spent a little time in Tadcaster recently will know, we have just refreshed and redesigned our  shop window display, bringing in a summer theme with a little yarn bombing thrown in for fun and good measure. And here it is…


Creating new shop window displays is one of our favourite shop jobs, so much so we like to try and change it all around at least once every other month. We even spend time thinking about how we’re going to redisplay our windows up to 2 weeks before, and we need to, because there’s a lot to consider!

It all starts with a theme, so this time we have picked a summer theme, with lots of bright colours in there to cheer everything up a little and some great light weight fashion knits.

In the past we’ve had Christmas themed shop windows, winter shop windows and new stock windows. Often, the theme we choose depends a lot on the stock we have, so when it comes to the winter months, you can expect to see lots more heavier weight wools and jumper patterns and the like whereas right now in summer, we’ve gone for lighter weight products as well as a few sale items (it’s that time of year – don’t miss out on a bargain!).

We keep our window backing simple and just use a plain white, see through material so we still get lots of light into the shop, but it also helps our products stand out and it all looks rather fresh against the white, or at least we think so. Then we get the props in and this is where we can really get stuck in and have some fun moving things around.

This time we went for our newly yarn bombed tennis rackets  as one of our window props seeing as Wimbledon is coming (though our rackets are little more vintage than the ones Andy Murray’s going to be using). Still if you see these pictures Andy – we’d be happy to yarn bomb your racket for you).

Anyway back to the props, one thing we try and do is get lots of different levels in there and really try and use all the space we have available to us, our windows aren’t that big so we need to make the most of what we have! That’s why we have the shelves in there and the draws, to give height and (we hope) to make it a little more interesting and eye catching.


We’ve also got our hands on some miniature easels to prop up and display some of our paper crafts and cards and one of the classic black and gold Singer sewing machines to help promote the new sewing classes we are hoping to be running in the newly refurbished back room! As well as our new fabric range and haberdashery items.


So what do you think to our new window display?

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