Knitted Chicken Sweater Pattern Goes Viral!

The world of knitting and crocheting has been going crazy this week thanks to a knitted chicken jumper!

Yes you did read that correctly, a chicken jumper. The knitting pattern was originally posted on Knit and Crochet Patterns, a Facebook page.

The chicken jumpers are being knitted in support of the Little Hen Rescue group based in Norwich.


There are many groups campaigning for the welfare of battery chickens across the UK so whenever you are, you can do something to help.

Battery hens are some of the most poorly treated animals in the world today. The are kept in over crowded and crammed conditions which leads to a wealth of health issues.

They often have clipped beaks, broken or bare feathers and overly long necks. Therefore when battery hens are re-homed their lack of feathers often leaves them vulnerable to cold, especially in the UK climate, and this is where the knitted jumpers come in!

So why not do your little bit to help today by knitting a chicken jumper for a hen in need?

You can find the pattern you need just here, and of course, we have a huge range of yarns and wools available to choose from here.

Happy chicken jumper knitting!

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