June and July crafty activities

Finding it hard to believe we are now in the middle of July and school holidays are very much looming.

June was a busy month here at Needlecase with the uninspiring but necessary task of stock taking and sorting out the year end accounts rudely interrupting all craft activities for far too long!

The highlights of the month were a lovely Crochet Class, which we named Next Steps and our very first meeting of our new Sewing Club which we have named Sew It’s Friday!

All the ladies who came along to Next Steps had already done some crochet and most had been to Needlecase for a Beginners Crochet class with Helen Jordan, in the past. Helen was her usual lively and enthusiastic self and everyone had a fun day learning new techniques.20140715-144714-53234323.jpg


The morning was mainly dedicated to running through these techniques and looking at some samples brought by Helen.

After a break for lunch at the wonderful Granary in Tadcaster
the ladies started work on their own scarves using sock yarn they had selected from our stock.

Eventually they should end up with something like these beautiful versions made by Helen.



Sew It’s Friday is being run jointly by Judith Schur and Karen Willatt.

Sadly Karen was too unwell to make it to the first session so Judith worked alone on this one.

It was a lovely relaxing evening with a small group of ladies. We all made book covers featuring a rather gorgeous chicken.


I was so engrossed in looking after the ladies, making cups of tea and chatting that I totally forgot to take photos on the actual evening. We are hoping to plan more sessions after the summer holidays when Karen is looking forward to joinging us.

July has been a fun month so far. Bridget returned to Needlecase on 5th July when everyone else was enjoying the Tour de France in the streets and the Red Arrows over Yorkshire, we were witnessing the creation of 4 wonderful Felt Scarves.

From start…




…to finish…


Last week I decided that we needed to make some room and that one of our storage cupboards needed clearing out. I spent a pleasant few hours sorting our extensive backlog of crafting magazines.


Armed with a pair of scissors I removed anything inspirational or interesting and then ruthlessly committed what remained to the recycling bin!!

I also ran a class looking at increasing and decreasing techniques for a lady who is eager to get on with making her Christmas decorations, then on Friday we had our second session of Sew It’s Friday!

Karen felt well enough to join us for this one which was fantastic and again there are no photos of the actual evening.

The ladies all made hanging felt hearts with a name of their choice upon them and some very attractive creations were achieved. I did a special one for the shop which is yet to be completed but here it is so far…

…Eventually it will be finished off with a blanket stitch edge, the button and ribbon attached and proudly hung up in the shop!!


July is not over yet and we will have more fun to come on Saturday 19th when we are running a workshop to make Strawberry Scissor Keepers and serving scones and strawberries, raising money for Breast Cancer Care.


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