An Interesting Choice to Knit With…

We came across a rather unusual snippet of knitting news recently: a Lady in China has spend the last eleven years ( yes that’s right eleven!) knitting a coat and matching hat for her husband.

But the unusual thing about this project isn’t the time spent working on the project, but the choice of knitting material she used. This coat and matching hat are knitted from the ladys own HAIR!

Knitting with hair

(Image from the Daily Mail showing the structure of the knitted hair.)

While knitting items with human hair may seem a little out of the ordinary today, the practice in fact has roots in Victorian history, when there was once a fashion for creating and indeed wearing ornaments fashioned from this material. If you’re interested in the history of knitting with hair then we have some recommended reading for you here.

However, while we are all for trying new things here at Needlecase and being a little adventurous, we think we’ll stick to knitting our patterns with yarns or wools for now.

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