How to Knit a Sock Using a 25cm Circular Needle

These videos are designed to show you how I knit a sock using a 25cm circular knitting needle with the pattern that I supply with my Beginners Sock Knitting workshop.

In this case I am knitting the second sock of a pair. The first one was knitting on double-pointed needles but, of course, you can knit both of your socks using this method.

This group of videos would serve as a general guide to following most basic top-down (knitting from the cuff down to the toes) sock knitting patterns.

Part One covers casting on and beginning to knit the rib.

Here in part Two I am talking you through moving on to knitting the leg of the sock.

Once the leg of the sock has been knitted it is time to create the heel.

Once your heel has been created you need to pick up some stitches and do some more shaping before you can knit the foot part of the sock.

Part Five of the process is knitting the foot.

After that is done there is toe shaping to do which will require double-pointed needles.

Finally I have a little bit of magic Kitchener Stitch to show you.