How To Knit A Sock on DPN’s

These videos are designed to show you how I knit a sock on 4 double-pointed knitting needles using the pattern that I supply with my Beginners Sock Knitting workshop.

It would serve as a general guide to following most basic top-down (knitting from the cuff down to the toes) sock knitting patterns.

If you would like to try knitting your socks on a short circular needle instead, click the button below.

Part One covers casting on and beginning to knit the rib.

Part Two continues to show knitting the rib for the cuff of the sock.

Here in part Three I am talking you through finishing off the knitting of the cuff and moving on to knitting the leg of the sock.

The following video is for anyone having issues with the transition from one needle to another where ‘ladders’ can start to form.

Once the leg of the sock has been knitted it is time to create the heel.

The heel on this sock is formed by first of all creating a heel flap.

And next there is ‘turning the heel’ as follows…

Now you have your heel it is necessary to create a gusset which will eventually join the leg onto the foot.

The next part is easy peasy.

Part 8 knit the foot and you are almost finished.

Part 9 is how to create the toe section.

Now I am going to show you good old Kitchener Stitch – enjoy

Your first sock done!

Fantastic, now all that you need to do is knit yourself another one to make a pair.

If you would like to you can try knitting your next sock using a short circular needle.