Fantastic Fairy Lights

This week I have been back to the lovely little farm shop and campsite at Colton near York, which was where I attended the Indigo workshop recently. This time the workshop took place over a couple of evenings and was run by designer maker Joanna Coupland who showed us how to make some pretty fairy light decorations. The first evening was about constructing some wire shapes and covering them with tissue paper using wallpaper paste. Joanna brought some of her beautiful creations along to show us, click on the link above to see her website.

The second evening was all about decorating our lights. We used acrylic inks and paints and then went wild with glitter and embellishments. As you can see from the pictures below we all let our imaginations run away with us. The finished items were attached to a string of standard fairy lights which definitely did not look ‘standard’ when we’d finished with them!!!

Both of these evenings were massively good fun with a great teacher and once again a very friendly group of ladies. These are some of our finished items.

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