Fabric Temptations – The Power of Restraint

Karen has been fabric shopping again!! Here’s a message from her about her latest purchase –

”I’ve been really sensible today and despite going to bed and getting up everyday for a week

with the thoughts of this gorgeous fabric in my head I didn’t buy it when I went back to the

shop this morning.birdie fabric

In my head I’d decided it would make some sort of lovely blouse or top for myself but I hadn’t

settled on a pattern. I’m a bit low on good patterns for tops and despite having a couple of

ideas the patterns I’d been thinking of are all a bit on the expensive side. I need to ‘invest’,

not just ‘buy’ a good couple of patterns that preferably have a few options, you know,

different neck lines and sleeves. I think this fabric needs a pattern without many darts as I

don’t want the little birds to be all broken up and looking strange but I do like my tops to

have a reasonable shape and fit.

Another reason for not buying was because I feel it might be more suitable for my girls aged 4

and nearly 2 rather than a grown woman on the wrong side of 40. I love a novelty print but

don’t want to look silly. What do you think of novelty prints, are they just for the young? Can

you suggest a suitable pattern for a top or blouse?

However, you don’t think I could go to a fabric shop and come out empty handed do you? No I did a very sensible thing (told you I was sensible) and bought a meter of this gorgeous ‘wool mix’ to make an ‘A’ line skirt with as it will go with a lovely White Stuff’ top I had for Christmas.puple fabric 2

Best of all I’d been looking for a suitable RTW skirt and couldn’t find one and this fabric only cost £4.99 p/m so with a bobbin of thread and a zip it came to just over £7.00. I already have some lining in my stash and I think I will make the Delphine skirt from my copy of Love at First Stitch by Tilly Walnes, so I reckon it’s a win win!purple fabric

What fabric have you been tempted by recently or are you being good and working your way through your stash?

Karen x”

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