Brioche Beauty & Family Fun

It’s been a few weeks since I last wrote in here so it’s time for a new blog I think.

In February I showed you a Brioche scarf that had been quite a challenging knit particularly as I chose to knit it in very fine mohair. Having finished the scarf, I immediately began my next project which was the Brioche + Mystery Shawl by Sosu which I had been itching to make for some time but was not allowing myself to start anything new until I had finished a few things off.

I had never knitted myself a shawl like this before because when I see other people wearing them I always think that they look fab but that if I wore something like that it would look ridiculous. This project kept calling to me though. Mainly because it looked to have some interesting techniques and I wanted to see how she had put it all together. It just get to the stage where I simply had to knit it because I was never going to be able to get it off my mind until I did! I actually surprised myself at how quickly I finished it and even more surprising I don’t think I look that daft wearing it either.

I am so happy that I gave in and did this project and the shawl has had some wear on our recent family holiday to Austria which was an absolute pleasure and totally worth waiting for. Much fun was had by all!

Now it’s time to get back to work and I am focusing on sock knitting at the moment with my first knit-a-long of the year due to begin next month and it is all about knitting socks from learning how to do it, if you’ve never tried, to beating second sock syndrome and having a go at doing 2-at-a-time. It’s always fun to do a group project and I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone gets up to.

All you need to do to join in is purchase the online class.