New Start

Hello. This is my first blog of 2022 and as the title suggests, I am feeling like a new start.

A couple of weeks ago I finished a massive project which has been consuming much of my time since I last visited this blog in August.

I was working on a book on Brioche Knitting and it has gone to the publisher now so I can get back to thinking about other things.


This was me with my very well behaved models, having a fun photoshoot on a very very cold Sunday morning in November. You can see examples of the patterns that I wrote last summer. These were knitted up by a group of amazing test knitters.

When it is published, I hope that it will be a useful little book that can be used to teach yourself Brioche knitting and find out how it works. The technique is quite daunting initially but it is definitely worth trying it, and once you understand how it works, it is very satisfying. People will be able to read the book and try out some of the small knitted samples provided, there are also some patterns (which I am particularly proud of), for knitters to try out the technique.

It was not an easy process for me but I think that I learnt lots and I certainly found out that I could do things that I previously didn’t believe I’d be able to. It did mean spending too much time alone in my office and I am hopeful that I can now look forward to not doing so much of that and I will be planning to be out and about, seeing people and places and having some proper human interactions.

I have also just come to the end of knitting a project from Nancy Marchants Brioche Lace book .

That was quite a challenging knit as the mohair was so fine but fluffy, it made it hard to see what was going on and the combination if Brioche and lace took a bit of getting used to. Any mistakes could not easily be fixed and I spent a lot of time unknitting it! I am pleased with the result which is a large lightweight scarf that I wear whenever I can.

There is much list writing and planning taking place here at the moment and I should be writing more about that over the coming weeks.

That’s it from me for now. I’ll be back soon and thank you for reading.