Beginners Crochet with Helen Jordan

On the 15th of June we were lucky enough to be able to host a beginners crochet class in our newly revamped workroom at the store in Tadcaster. The class was led by Helen Jordan from the Thread of Life.

Crochet Class 1

The Thread of Life is Helen’s website and blog where you can find all her latest tips, trick and classes for crocheting, alongside an online store full of those not-so-easy-to-find tools and accessories that help make crocheting easier and more fun.

So, on the 15th we were joined by 6 lovely crochet novices and we began the class with a good cup of tea or coffee and a show and tell from Helen to demonstrate what can be achieved with just a little beginners knowledge of a few crochet stitches. This means we were all treated to a good look at some of Helen’s lovely examples of crochet work which she brought with her in her suitcase.

Crochet demonstration

After the show and tell session everyone got stuck in learning how to make a foundation chain, followed by learning how to do a few more basic stitches. To make learning these stitches as simple as possible, Helen used her GIANT crochet hook to really emphasis how the hook needs to work the yarn in order to complete the different kinds of stitches.

big crochet hookgiant crochet hook

After learning the basics it was time to settle in for lunch and have a break from learning, so everyone downed crochet hooks and we all headed over to The Granary just down the road for something to ea, After that, it was back to the Needlecase work room to tackle a crochet classic, the ‘granny square’.

granny squarecrochet practice

This type of crocheting is a little more relaxing than most and is a great way to practice the stitches Helen demonstrated in the morning while still producing something to be proud of! As well as giving everyone the opportunity to play around with colours and yarns, which is what it’s all about.


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