Square Number One – Basic Square

I know it’s a bit boring but I made a video for you about checking your tension.

It’s something I often get asked about so I thought it would be useful.

Sorry about the camera work. It does improve as we get further into the project! 🙂

Don’t forget to block your tension square before taking your measurements.

Now for the exciting part!

The day has arrived for us to start knitting and I’ve kept this one nice and straight forward.

You will need shade A which is the striped yarn and your 4mm knitting needles.

Every square has a border of moss stitch to help them all stay in shape and to give a consistent look throughout the blanket even though we are using different colours and stitches.

Watch the following video before you start if you have never done moss stitch before.

The next video is me explaining how to work the next part of the square once you have completed the first 7 rows of moss stitch.

Hopefully my filming has improved as I have gone along with this project, so please bear with me for the first few squares as I find my feet with my new role of film-maker!

Here I am explaining how to ‘cast off in moss stitch’

That’s it!!

We have done the first square and Square Number Two – Deer Heads will be with you soon (21st August)