My Favourite Tree

Crikey!! I haven’t written a blog for tooo long!!

In my head I’ve written loads but it seems they’re all just there in my head and they never actually made it onto here.

So here’s a blog I thought I’d written but I never did, and it’s about my favourite tree 🙂

A couple of years ago I set myself a little task of getting a photo of this beautiful piece of natural sculpture for every month of the year. Here is the result.

There’s a walk I often take from my house.

It’s a really lovely walk down a quiet lane and into the woods.

As you travel down the lane there are hedges and fields either side and in front of you there is this special tree.

It stands there all alone looking magnificent and I love the shape of it, the size of it, the thought that it has endured in that spot for such a length of time.

It is just quite simply an impressive sight.

I have at least one creative project in mind that I would love to use these photos for. Not sure when but one day, hopefully soon, I’ll make a start.

While walking through the woods there are sparkling glimpses of the river and later you can hear the roar of the water cascading down from the weir.

Lately I’ve not been taking this route so often as the path through the woods is narrow and if someone comes along from the other direction you can’t keep that vital 2m away.

Social distancing has created the need to find new walking routes. This has lead to another wonderful discovery, equally close to home, as I came across this gorgeous orchard that I’d never spotted (though must have passed) before.

How lovely is this?

So now I have a new little photography challenge to keep me going for a year or so!!!

Hopefully I’ll be back soon with more ramblings as there’s no point having a blog if I don’t write in it is there?