More About Sock Knitting

Hello again, I’m back with more about my sock knitting workshop. (see previous blog)

The actual in-person workshop went well and we had a very pleasant day.

The ladies knitted some very cute mini sample socks .

They also got themselves some fabulous West Yorkshire Spinners sock yarn from my website and are embarking on knitting their very first adult sized socks.

I am looking forwards to seeing how they get on.

I was able to provide them with video tutorials to watch at home showing them how to complete the sample sock and how to knit a sock using either dpn’s or a small circular needle.

This is something I hope to eventually be able to provide for all of my in-person workshops.

During the editing of the videos I discovered that, when I was filming the knitting of the heel on dpn’s, the recording had not worked properly so I had no footage for that section.

I quickly had to knit another sock so that I could do the filming again.

For this I used some leftover yarn from previous projects, knitted a very short cuff and a very short leg (just a few rows for each) and then went on to the knitting of the heel.


I got the film footage that I needed

I got a trainer sock which very soon will be getting itself a pairing.

AND I used up some scraps of yarn


There are still more sock knitting videos waiting to be edited as it has been an ongoing project since January this year.

Right now though, I am off to knit up a scarf that I’ve designed to include in my brioche knitting book.

Happy knitting folks 🙂