Modular Knitting

Here I am again chatting about my knitting obsession.

Whilst I am mainly focused on Brioche knitting this year, I have been doing a bit of modular knitting for a change over the last few days.

In my last blog, I said that I was hoping to get out more later in the year and enjoy some workshops but, having chatted things over with Di at Knitting Pretty and Sharon at Ewe and Yarn, we don’t feel that the shops have enough space for us to get back to how we used to do things.

I will be at Just Makers in Ripley next month for my Entrelac and Modular Knitting workshop, which I love sharing with people, but that will most likely be it until 2022 comes along.

These samples of modular and entrelac knitting were produced at one of my workshops a couple of years ago.

It is sad, but I have come to terms with it as a necessity, and am aiming to have the workshops available online. Although I call myself a knitting teacher and designer, I feel that my role is more one of guiding and encouraging knitters to learn new techniques and try different projects and I am not prepared to abandon that any day soon.

I already have a Brioche Knitting online workshop available and last Saturday I filmed myself presenting the Modular and Entrelac samples which form the basis of that workshop. There is some editing needed and a bit more filming and then it will be ready for the participants of the in person session to try out at home afterwards. The next step will be to make it available for anyone who would like it and this will be a joint venture for customers of Needlecase, Knitting Pretty and Ewe and Yarn.

The workshop will allow you to try out a small sample of modular knitting and another sample of entrelac knitting, like the ones shown above. Having practised the techniques, you can then choose to make a cowl from one of three patterns that are included using the yarn provided (3 balls of West Yorkshire Spinners sock yarn).

You will have enough yarn to make 2 of the cowls as this lady did after she had been to the workshop.

This is another cowl that I have knitted which is not yet finished!

With the left over yarn I have knitted 2 pairs of socks and I still have enough yarn to knit another pair.

One pair of socks has been much worn, the other pair and the unfinished cowl and unused yarn, I had forgotten about until they were found hiding in my office at the weekend so now I have a new pair of socks, a small project to finish and a pair of socks to begin knitting.

That’s when I’m not editing videos or writing my book…

I will never be bored 🙂