Love Your Yarn Shop Day

Well Yarn Shop Day has been and gone.

We’d planned to both be here for the day but Mum was ill so people had to put up with me all by myself.

We had a quiet morning, just a few customers, most of whom were surprised to learn it was Yarn Shop Day. It was a nice surprise because it meant they got 10% discount when they bought yarn.

It was lovely to see regular knitting circle ladies at 1pm. We were joined by a couple of ladies who don’t usually come along and we had a nice sociable afternoon knitting and chatting.


…and eating some of the cake mountain I’d produced the day before!!


I didn’t get very much knitting done as I was kept busy making cups of tea and serving customers in the shop I did manage to eat some cake and my boys were thrilled that there was some left over for me to take home.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon and I was so proud of 12 year old Megan and her very first Intarsia knitting.


I provided all the ladies with some swatches of knitting along the theme of ‘love hearts’ and the instructions to make their own samples. The idea was to look at what I’d come up with and put your own interpretation on it. Everyone chose from the selection of yarns provided and we had a range of Intarsia knitting, bobbles and lace produced.

All the ideas can be used in your own personal knitting to make some lovingly created unique items.

At the end of the afternoon I had an important job for the 2 youngest members of the group. If you follow us on facebook, you’ll know we’ve been running a competition coincide with Yarn Shop Day and I asked the girls to draw out the winning name.

A fantastic ball of Sirdar Kasha will be winging it’s way to lucky winner Kim later today.

I would like to thank the ladies for supporting this event which has the aim of highlighting the presence of our little shop and demonstrating the opportunities available to local people who would like to take part in the crafts of knitting, crocheting and sewing which we passionately love and have the desire to share.

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