Intarsia Inspiration

I wrote a blog (read it here) about intarsia knitting in October 2017 because, I had written a new pattern, that I was going to be giving as a project for people to knit following having spent the day with me at a workshop on intarsia knitting.

This is the design which you can see has lots of different coloured sausage dogs all over it.

The reverse of the cushion was the result of me going wild and having fun with all those colours!

I still love the cushion that I designed but feel that it is possibly a little complex as a starter project, so I’ve written a simpler version which I will be including in future workshops on this technique.

Here you can see I have reduced the number of colours involved and given you just the one dog to knit.

The same design is featured on both sides of the cushion so it’s reversible.

In preparation for the next workshop, at Amble Pin Cushion 12th June 2024, I have been taking a little look at other designs that might be fun to make using this technique.

Here is a selection that caught my beady little eye. I have added links to Ravelry.

Flower Pillow by Heidi Gustad

I love the use of different stitches to create added texture to this project.

k2tog Knitting Bag by Beth Ellis

This one is just my kind of fun!

Intarsia Baby Sweater by Phildar design team

This is the most popular and cutest use of this knitting technique…making gorgeous things for little darlings.

This is a free pattern.

Baby Sweater by Erika Knight

Another one and also free!!

Knit Duck Sweater by Emma Ujifusa

A modern use of the picture jumper idea.

Checkerboard Cardigan by Debbie Bliss

Something to let yourself go crazy or keep it calm with the colours. However you feel.

So there we are let me know what you think. Will you be choosing intarsia for your next knitting project?