Festive Mitten Garland knit-a-long page

Hello from me!

I have chosen to create videos as we go along this time rather than having everything pre-recorded as I did with the last knit-a-long I ran.

So far I can see some advantages to this approach and some disadvantages as well so let’s see how we all feel at the end!!

I am making the videos very much with the idea that they will be most useful for novice and inexperienced knitters but even long-time knitters may pick up the odd tip which is always a bonus.

Beginning at the beginning. Here is the start of the first basic mitten, side one.

Here are some instructions for forming the thumb of side one.

Here is a short video showing the slightly different process for making the thumb for the other side of the mitten.

You have the instructions to make a smaller version of this mitten which you can knit all in one colour or play about with stripes and contrasting cuffs etc.

Here are a couple of videos with some instructions for blocking and sewing up the mittens.

If you feel like making some more, you have the charts for doing the same pieces but adding Fair Isle designs. There will be videos later if you are not confident to do this so you could wait or you could try a couple now.

Here is a short film about how to make the Bobble Mittens. I think the page number may have changed but it shows you how to work the bobbles.

On Monday 1st November you will have a pattern for the Braid Cable mitten. The two videos here show you what you need to know to work the cable stitches involved. My friend who is not an experienced knitter used these demonstrations to learn how to do cable knitting.

Next up is a video showing how to knit the Fair Isle mittens with heart motifs. It is like a mini crash-course in Fair Isle knitting. Hope you enjoy it.

One more video for you with twisted stitches that make a heart motif.