Do You Need a Lifeline?

It’s almost the end of February so it’s probably high time that I wrote my first blog of the year!

I do hope that everyone is keeping well and managing to hang on in there.

We are trying to do just that here.

I am learning lots about how I can still do what I love to do without needing to leave the house.

This time last year, I would have said that to help someone out when they were stuck with their knitting they needed to be right in front of me but I would have been wrong!
I am discovering that it’s still possible to diagnose where they are going wrong & offer advice & if needed demonstrate how something should or could be done and this can be quite exciting.

I am doing this any way that I can think of…

This week I made a video for my friend, who I have been remotely supporting as she rediscovers knitting after many years.

Keep knitting and smiling and I’ll be back soon x