Crochet Friday

On Friday mornings I meet up with a group of ladies and we do crafting/making. Everyone has different interests, sometimes we do a project together, most often we just do our own thing but we sit together and chat. We learn from each other, if someone wants to try something new then there’s often somebody to ask for help. There is tea and there is cake and it is lovely.

This year, Angela and I are learning how to crochet so that we can try to make her a shawl covered in crochet flowers. We will see how far we get.

I have done something like this before but I am very out of practise and she has attempted crochet in the past and not get anywhere with it. She likes learning new things though and I would like to improve my crochet skills (if I can find the time) so we have agreed to do it together on our Friday mornings.


Blanket crocheted by Julie – something to aim for!!

We started off by making some Granny squares because I knew how to do that and I thought at least she’d be learning how to make the stitches.

The book is just to look at for now!!

Angela liked making Granny squares so by the following week she’d made all these colourful beauties.

Last Friday we tried our first flowers which meant that we had to learn some different stitches so, although we don’t seem to have done much I reckon we are making progress.

Other projects…

This weekend I have been looking at these projects that are all almost done and I am hoping that over the next couple of weeks I can get them all off the needles because I am so full of ideas for new designs and knit-a-longs.

It’s all very exciting!!