Brioche Cowl Support Page

Welcome to my website.

I plan to use this page to support you to continue learning and practising your 2-colour brioche knitting.

This webpage is only for you so PLEASE DO NOT SHARE the link with others.

Here is a demonstration for you of how to create the sample that we made at the workshop.

I’m using a short dpn for this but you can use the needles that you had with you on the day.

If you read the instructions in your booklet and follow the video of me demonstrating how to create the brioche rib that should help you to re-create the process that we followed at the workshop.

Once you are confident with the basic brioche rib then you can practise the increasing and decreasing techniques.

Follow me and use the workbook to create a left leaning decrease.

Here is a video showing how to work the 2-colour Italian bind off.

Use it in conjunction with the photos in Nancy Marchants’ book Fresh Brioche Knitting.

The video of the right leaning decrease is still to come but for now here is the first video for the cowl explaining how I create the provisional cast on and add the lifeline before creating the set-up rows.