April 2021.

This is only my second blog of 2021.

Last time I was talking about lifelines.

Since then, as lockdown seemed to go on for ever, I’ve been loving getting outside into the countryside and feeling thankful that at least was possible.

And things have started to happen in the garden, which is always exciting!

Today we are happy to see shops opening up again and I am hopeful that this means maybe one day I can see some people in workshops face to face.

This time last year I would not have even contemplated creating an online workshop as I enjoy the social contact and interaction with people .It would not have seemed possible to help someone who needed a technique demonstrating, if they were not sat in front of me.

Over this period of finding new ways of doing things, I have learned that it is absolutely possible to offer advise and to guide someone through the processes involved, wether it be a new stitch or a different method or simply how to make a certain process easier, even when they are possibly thousands of miles away.

It is going to be totally amazing when I can be in a room with a group of knitters who are chomping at the bit to do a new thing, but I know that we are not there yet, and I also know that these newfound skills can be employed to offer an enhanced experience.

There is only so much that can be covered in a one day workshop.

Now I feel confident to provide video tutorials as well, so there is an extra something available for follow-up and to be there as a reminder of what we have covered on the day. This can also be used to offer extra information or alternative methods that we might run out of time for in a one-day session.

I’ve made a start!

As well as lots of playing about with brioche knitting, which I will write about another day, I have been making socks in different ways.

This is my 2021 number one pair of socks.

The first sock was knitted on double-pointed needles.

The second sock was knitted on a short circular needle.

The plan for future workshops is that I can teach beginner sock knitters to knit a sock on dpn’s and when they get home, if they wish, they can see video tutorials of alternative methods.

Today I have completed my 2021 number two pair of socks.

Both of these were knitted on a 60cm long circular needle using the magic loop method.

I’ve made some videos of this technique as well.

Still in progress 2021 number three pair of socks…

Top down 2-at-a-time using a pattern from West Yorkshire Spinners.

This is not for beginners.

I’m thinking I will offer videos on how to do this to people who have tried my toe-up 2-at-a-time workshop.

If you are eager to learn to knit socks I do a have a workshop planned at Just Makers in Ripley 23-5-21 and have everything crossed that it will be possible.

You can book now if you click here.

I will be back soon. Meanwhile keep smiling 🙂