Please have the workbook and some spare yarn and knitting needles ready before you start.

These samples would be completed over the course of a one day in-person workshop so maybe you could give yourself a treat day and do the same?

Alternatively of course you can perhaps have a few evenings in with some yarn and your knitting needles. Here’s a video of me showing you what you will be producing during the workshop and the items that you can knit afterwards.

Get yourself a cuppa and pretend we are doing a bit of knitting together, it will be fun 🙂

In this video, Part One, I am going to talk to you about how to start off with the Modular sample from the workbook and how to complete the first couple of rows.

Once you’ve made a start and knitted the first two rows, watch the next video which will take you through row 3 and how to use a stitch marker to tell you when you need to work a decrease.

This video will take you up to row 6, after which you should be ok to continue to the end of the module.

In Part Three I am going to show you how to complete the module starting at the point where I have decreased to 5 stitches.

Now you can start module 2. Watch Part Four before you begin, I will show you how and where to pick up the stitches.

Here comes Part Five in which you can see me working module 2.

Next up is Part Six, a video of me beginning the third module of this sample (in this video I appear to have a frog in my throat so sorry about the occasional coughing going on)

And now, to complete the sample and this part of the workshop, here comes Part Seven, module 4.

If you are aiming to work through these samples in one day, as we would in an in-person workshop, I would take a break now for some lunch, if you have not already done so.

Ok now it’s time to do some Entrelac knitting.

Have a look at Part One of the entrelac sample and then have a go for yourself.

Here I am working the Foundation Triangles.

Now I will show you how to do the Right Edge Triangle and then the Right Side Rectangle, of which you will make 2 in this sample.

Part Three now.

Left Edge Triangle and Wrong Side Rectangles.

Ok I hope you are enjoying making this sample. I am now going to talk to you about creating another row of Right Side Rectangles and a little bit about knitting backwards to avoid having to constantly turn the work.

And now we are approaching the end of the one day workshop so you might be feeling a little tired but also I hope you are pleased with the progress that you have made.

Final video showing you how to do the cast-off triangles.

Now you have made your samples and tried out the techniques you can choose which cowl you would like to make. Here are some things that you need to know about them.