Footstool Workshop in Tadcaster

This year for my birthday my sister very kindly booked me a footstool making workshop with Louise at Scruffy Upholstery in Tadcaster.

I haven’t done any upholstery before but it’s something I’m keen to try.

The first challenge (and I didn’t have much time) was to find a piece of fabric to take along with me. I checked my stash and found nothing to inspire 🙁

Then I remembered that I’d seen a pile of different remnants of fabric in the Home Farm shop where I meet up with a group of ladies (aka the good humoured ladies) every week for a crafty, cakey, tea drinking morning. So, the next time I was there, we got it all out and enjoyed a good route through.

Some of the fabrics were truly vintage and we had a fine time deciding which ones were suitable, and what we might/could/would/should make from the rest. Here a selection of some of my favourites.

Finally I narrowed it down to 2 contenders.

Then came the workshop!! Run by Louise in her studio in Tadcaster we were well looked after with lots of instruction and information so that we knew what we were doing every step of the way.

It took place over 2 evenings. We were only a small group, we learnt a lot about how the footstool is constructed and which materials to use.


None of us had every used a compressed air staple gun before and we were all a bit cautious…but we survived!!


Here you can see some of the stages of construction that the footstool went through. Louise was excellent at showing us where to staple and how to fold the fabric so that everything was held in place without it showing.

Thank you Deborah for buying me the class, thanks Angela for allowing me to buy some fabric from you (even though you wanted to keep it all for yourself!) and thank you Louise for running such a great workshop xx