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A Clutch of Completed Creations

I’ve had a little flurry of finished projects over the last couple of weeks.

First, and most importantly, I completed my latest design. The yarn I’ve used is the most gorgeous yarn, Sublime Alpaca DK. I loved working with this gorgeously soft yarn and the colour choices were influenced by my inspiration, but it also comes in a wider range of delicious colours.
It still needs to be assessed by my City and Guilds tutor before I can publish the pattern.

The design was inspired by the little shell which I found on a walk form Warkworth towards Amble in Northumberland earlier this year, it is shown here with some of the yarn!

Now I was on a bit of a roll I dug out a vest/tank top which I had knitted but not sewn up and spent an evening sewing seams and stitching in all the ends, then it need a jolly good steam and, voila…another project sewn up!! (literally…sorry)

The yarn I used was Debbie Bliss Rialto 4ply and I knitted if from a magazine we had hanging around in the shop. I really like playing with this yarn which has very nice stitch definition and is 100% merino so feels really special.

I think it was the last couple of days that the shop was open and I’d got to the point where there wasn’t really anything much to do…no shelves to fill, no cleaning to do, no newsletters to write, no orders to send. Surrounded by unsold wool I picked up this unsold magazine from spring/summer 2012. Flicking through it I spotted a pattern I liked and looked at the Rialto 4ply on the shelves behind me, then I played a game of stacking up the different coloured balls of wool to see which colour combination I liked the best! This is a game I can play all day long and not make a final decision but I forced myself to choose a colour scheme, found the right sized needles and spent the rest of the day knitting!!!

At the moment I am on a mission to learn and explore the world of textiles, and my latest challenge to myself has been to sew a dress, which I finished off at the weekend. I want to write more about this project later but, as my first dress making project in over 20 years I have mildly impressed myself!!!

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Holiday Sewing

Hi. As I mentioned in my last blog, I’ve just been away for a bit of a holiday in Spain. As it’s so hot at this time of year, and we don’t have little children to entertain anymore, we didn’t do very much apart from relax with the odd cocktail or read a book on a sun lounger!!!

As you might guess though, I am not able to relax fully if I don’t have some knitting or sewing to hand. I always try to take something with me when we go anywhere, just incase I get a bit bored or need something to occupy me!! Even if I don’t end up needing it, I always feel better for just knowing it’s there.

We were a bit limited for space so I took a small bag with some embroidery supplies in it.


Naturally after a couple of days I felt the urge to get creative and out came the needle and threads.

First of all I finished off this little floral number. I found this design on Pinterest and just drew it with a pencil onto a piece of fabric that was hanging around not doing anything in our loft. I tried to keep the colour scheme really neutral and am very pleased with the finished result. The next challenge will be to find out what this piece of work is finally going to be. I’m sure it will speak to me at some point soon and let me know!!

After that was done I re-visited this feline design which came to me one day last summer when I was just driving along minding my own business and it decided to pop into my head. I had drawn the outline and done some stitching with it before, I even went to Clayfever in Tadcaster and painted him onto a vase! I have made a few items with this design on, some of which you can see below, and really felt the need to see what else I could do with it.

I decided this time I would have a pair of cats and did some rough tacking stitches onto the fabric just so I had an outline to follow. I then went absolutely crazy with the lazy daisies filling in the outline of one of the cats.


With the second cat I decided just to stitch into the negative space and went with the neutral colours again.


The design is coming on well and I am really pleased with how it’s looking so far. When it’s finished I think it might have to turn it into a gift for someone!!

Well that’s what I got up to on holiday and now I’m home and getting on with some more projects, hoping to learn lots along the way.


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Woolfest 2016

It’s been a busy couple of weeks since we closed the shop and this weekend we’re wizzing off on holiday but I just wanted to write something about my trip to Woolfest the other week. It was the day before the shop was due to close and the morning of the surprising Brexit result so it was a very welcome distraction to escape to the wonderful world of Woolfest for a few hours. I’ve read a few blogs about this years show. Kailyard Knitter has written a very detailed account of her visit and Liz Reed wrote about her experience of being a stall holder.

I love going to Woolfest, I first visited in 2010 and have gone back as often as possible since then.

It was nice to see a couple of people from my City and Guilds course, Debra Kobasa has written in her blog about her fantastic experience after being awarded the Worshipful Company of Haberdashers award and Nicola was there with her sister on their own little stand. Take a look at the gorgeous girls dress kits which combine knitting and sewing.

It was quite crowded when I arrived but after some lunch I was able to get a few photos.

Then I got down to the serious business of choosing colours and making purchases.

I really like the mini-skeins of yarn which mean you can have more colours to play with when making swatches.

I can’t wait to get experimenting with my new aquisitions but first I need my little holiday in the sun and then I have to knit a Fashion Accessory for module 10 on my City and Guilds course!!



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New Needlecase – New Start

For the past 6 years, Needlecase has been a family owned knitting supplies shop, based in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire. We stocked a wide range of hand and crochet knitting wools and knitting yarns.

As well as stocking the products we also offered friendly, fortnightly knitting circles, knitting workshops and crochet courses. The aim was for Needlecase to be somewhere you could come and relax and learn new skills over a coffee and biscuit.

We loved to promote all kinds of different and creative knitting, and crocheting crafts, in order to encourage more people to learn and develop their skills. Friendly service and willingness to share expertise with everyone, whatever your age or ability were very important to us.

At the end of June 2016 Needlecase will close it’s doors in Tadcaster, when the lease on our shop comes to an end, and we move on to new adventures.

The purpose of this website is still very much sharing the joy. I will share with you things that Inspire me, and I will share Ideas and Information which I find as I follow my passion for knitting and knit design.

Keep coming back for more information in the coming months