Sew It’s Friday

Run by Judith Schur of Needlecase and Karen Willatt of Karen Willatt design, Sew It’s Friday is our sewing club which was launched in May 2014 and is held in Needlecase’s workroom in Tadcaster.

Sew Its Friday ladies

We meet every 4-6 weeks on a Friday evening from 7-9pm for a fun evening of sewing. Most of the projects are hand sewing projects for any ability. If you’ve not done much sewing before (or even if you haven’t done any) you’re sure to pick up lots of tips from Karen. If you’re a regular sewer we’re certain you will love all the little projects we have in store for you. We are thinking hard about what to offer and would love to know if there is something you would love us to make as an activity one evening.
Prices may vary depending on what we are offering, but we will try to keep the cost to £10 per person wherever possible.
The aim of these sessions is to relax, have fun and be creative.
Refreshments will be provided as well as everything you need for each session, so all you need to do is book your place and get ready to have a bit of ‘me’ time.

We are looking forward to  celebrating a ‘Me Made’ 2015 with our next 3 workshops and we’d love to see some new faces, as well as welcoming the more familiar ones back! Now it’s 2015, let’s release our creativity and enjoy a sociable ‘me’ time with like minded people, whilst also having the pleasure of taking home something personal and special to you. No particular skills are required and, as ever, we welcome all levels of stitchery and crafting, it’s about having some fun (with a cup of tea or coffee and biscuits or cakes thrown in for good measure!!)

A modern twist on a traditional method of quilting. Three layers are worked together with a transparent fabric as the top layer. You can make the design as simple or complex as you like by adding stitches and beads. You will be taking home a piece that could be made into a bookmark, picture or greetings card.
This useful but simple felt needle case is based on the shape of a luggage label. Adding a heart, or other simple motif, decorates the front ‘page’ and further trimming, with buttons or ribbons, makes this needle case individually ‘yours’.
key ring needle cases 2
Close your eyes and see a patch of wild garden, or a pond with plants around the edge. Think of a hedgerow or woodland scene. Now, thread your needle with some green thread, and start stitching!!
This is a great way to introduce embroidery, and an enjoyable way to use up left over threads for the more experienced stitcher. A ‘relaxed’ way of learning some traditional stitches, making a small piece that can then be presented as a card or picture. Let your imagination and creativity flow and enjoy the freedom that this workshop celebrates!
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