The Guardian Raises Debate on Knitting and Needlework

Recently the Guardian posed this question: are knitting and needlework relaxing hobbies or seditious activities?

Well ladies and gentleman what do we think?

Certainly, knitting and sewing are no longer the necessary activities required for clothing and home decorating that they once were, not least because of the arrival of cheap clothing stores such as Primark and cheap home furnishing stores such as Asda Living.

Knitting and SewingIn fact today, knitting, sewing and needlework have recently been reinvented as trendy pass times for the modern generation thanks to celebrity knitters like the Duchess of Cambridge, Cara Delevigne and Kate Moss, as opposed to being part of the necessary housework of the old-fashioned, stay at home types, but does that really render it a seditious activity?

In fact, the UK Hand Knitting Association, reports that there has been a 12% increase in people participating in these types of crafts year on year, and Google reports a 70% increase over the last year in searches for ‘knitting and crochet’.

At Needlecase we firmly believe knitting and sewing are relaxing pass times for the modern age, which sees us living such busy lifestyles.

It’s often a treat just to sit down with a pot of tea, a slice of cake and a new knitting or sewing pattern to start working on. For us they will never be merely seditious activities, but what you do think?


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