Christmas Eve Blanket Knit-a-Long


Thank you for joining us in this knit-a-long.

We are delighted that so many people have chosen to take part and can’t wait to see all of your creations.

Here’s a little message from the three of us. We’re so pleased to meet you x

Introducing the Christmas Eve Blanket knit-a-long Team

You will start to receive your pdf patterns for the blanket squares on 15th August.

Every time you have a new pattern there will be videos to watch which will aim to help you and tell you a bit about the square.

Everyone will have different reasons for wanting to make this blanket, but we very much hope that we can create a little community knitting and having a fun time…together but apart.

At the moment I am busy knitting another blanket and filming as I go. You will be able to join in with me and we will knit our blankets together!

The main aim of this project is for us all to relax, enjoy the knitting & create something gorgeous together.

As well as filming my blanket being knitted, I am trying to include information and instructions to make it easier for you to knit your blanket beautifully and with a professional finish.

Here’s a reminder of how it will work…

  • 20 pattern PDF’s will be emailed to you – one for each square of the blanket
  • with each pattern you will gain access to video tutorials, supporting the pattern and helping you to knit the squares, even if there is a technique involved which you are unfamiliar with
  • the first pattern will be emailed to you on the 15th August and you will have a new pattern every 6 days after that until there are 20 squares
  • the final email will arrive on 13th December, allowing you more than a week to complete the project
  • during the knit-a-long, I will be available to offer additional help and support
  • there will be a private Facebook page where we can all share our progress

In the meantime, thank you for joining in & I will be in touch about a week before we start to check in with you and make sure we are all ready go!!

One more thing about us…

Links to all our pattern pages

Square number 1

Square number 2

Square number 3

Square number 4

Square number 5

Square number 6

Square number 7

Square number 8

Square number 9

Square number 10

Square number 11

Square number 12

Square number 13

Square number 14