Cable Knit Christmas Stocking

Hello and thank you for joining this knit-a-long. This is where I will be posting any videos that I make as we knit-a-long so please keep this link and check-in over the week to see what I have been doing.

…If you are an experienced knitter you might have made a good start by now but I have created a couple of videos showing some of the techniques involved to help you out if you are a bit newer to all this.

The first cable stitch is c4b which is being demonstrated in the next video.

Now I am going to demonstrate for you how to work c2b

Next video is Row 11 showing c3b and c3f. After this the next new cable stitch is on row 33 which is when I plan to record another video for you.

Next video focuses on row 27 c4f.

Now I am going to run through the instructions found on row 33 cr4l and cr4r.

Just a little chat coming up about completing the first part of the knit-a-long.

Blocking the knitting is an important stage of any project.

Here I am going to show you how I do it.

Finishing techniques are key to a good end product so here’s a bit more blocking and a mattress stitch demo for you.